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Monday, December 30, 2019

What is this new craze and phrase spreading the media streams? It's Selfies! A cellphone tilted at just the right perspective ( seemingly pose is critical) and you are on your manner to twitter, Instagram, Facebook or anyplace the net can also take you. It's been stated, the more serious the image, the better the "selfie!" We placed ourselves obtainable for "likes" and public scrutiny. It's a digital craze! Just type "selfie" into the Twitter search bar. Or take a look at Instagram, in which over 90m photographs are currently posted with the hashtag #me.

I am now not sure what feelings are conjured up via putting ourselves "on public display" and the want to be seen with the aid of the world, however "a current observe out of the U.K. Observed that the selfie phenomenon may be detrimental to actual global relationships, concluding that each immoderate image sharing and sharing snap shots of a positive type-inclusive of self-pics-makes human beings less likeable. The same look at discovered that elevated frequency of sharing self-photos is related to a lower in intimacy with others."

So where is the connection of this craze to the ones dwelling with ADHD? For the ones of you who comply with me loyally on my Facebook, Newsletter and web site, ( I thanks) you're familiar with the frequency on how I pressure the importance of celebration and superb reinforcement to ADHD teenagers. Every Friday on my Facebook's "Daily Dose" is Feel Good Friday, a day I emphasize you have a good time your toddler' successes. The degree of self esteem inside the ADHD child is the sort of key piece of the puzzle and is affected easily with the aid of both positive or terrible occurrences. To build, rebuild or keep a high level of self esteem within the ADHD child is a key link to attention and in the end popularity of dwelling with ADHD

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